Hi David
I just started to read your book, “Healing” and I have a question. I found that I don’t love myself, so at this point should I stop reading, and try to find ways to love myself, or just keep on reading, while still doing the first exercise?

Thanks for your help, _______

My reply…

Hi ______,
FYI…not loving yourself makes you very normal. The first step in change is to know what you are and what you do. This first exercise is not a one time completion. It’s something you check in and do for the rest of your life, nevertheless self-love is not always a constant…it’s kind of like water, it ebbs and flows. I’ve been talking to people about this a lot this year. You can keep reading the book, but make a commitment to check in with yourself at least once daily to acknowledge the ways you are loving yourself…and write them down. Keep a journal. As you get this piece to “healing” your life will change! Keep me posted. Love, David